Hoover Brewing Company is the embodiment of the spirit and drive of those who helped build an empire, to the city safety forces that kept us safe. The women who dutifully rolled up their sleeves for WWII wartime production, to the community volunteers who help make our community great and a fantastic place to visit or call home, we are an homage to you!  Hoover Brewing Company is dedicated to the spirit and hard work of the men, women, families and community that built North Canton!

Our Story

HBC is made up of  three guys (TJ, Jamie and Matt) with one thing in common, love of their community. Well, maybe two… their love craft beer.  From supporting local businesses, to volunteering and serving the city and its residents, these three guys are involved. Craft beer came to the forefront when TJ became co-chair and organizer of a chamber of commerce craft beer festival. Jamie was quickly added to the team.  This event turned it into the wildly successful North Canton Craft Beer Festival. That same year, the idea to create something greater was born.

So… a couple of sales/marketing guys who had no clue how to make beer, just started a brewing company?  Now what?  Matt who helped TJ and Jamie out as their go-to beer expert for their work with 3 Guys 6 Beers, was very quickly added into the fold. With experience in home brewing that goes way back (ask him just how far back next time you see him) and his industry experience as a partner in Spider Monkey Brewing Company, he was the piece that made the puzzle compete.